How to get the most from Study when universities


Effective industry-university partnerships need close cooperation. Only then can they get the full benefits of partners with complementary perspectives and knowledge bases working together.

Australia has long been viewed as failing to fully capitalise on its revolutionary research. Its focus is on generating incentives for industry-university cooperation to interpret and commercialise research.

To improve collaborations academics will need to enable professionals to be completely engaged.
In our study, a variety of projects were marked by apparently healthy relationships. Relations between professionals and professors were harmonious. Yet professionals participated on a really narrow range of facets only.

We identified a variety of enabling practices for professors to adopt. Practitioners can then become equal partners in research endeavors. Decision-making becomes open, contested and effective.

Practitioners saw their role as only facilitating and encouraging academics. They were not fully engaged. These jobs were denied the full advantages of professionals’ expertise complementing instructional expertise.
A corresponding practitioner emphatically acknowledged that stage.
Any government scheme resulting from such consultations might boost the number of such collaborations. Nevertheless our research indicates several of these projects are unlikely to achieve their full capacity unless professors and their research partners working in industry strengthen their collaborative connections.
Therefore, seemingly harmonious collaborations were ultimately compromised.
The consultation paper describes societal, cultural and economic hurdles to industry-university partnerships. In announcing the University Research Commercialisation Scheme, federal Education Minister Alan Tudge called for”new suggestions on how we can increase collaboration between business and universities and put our study at the core of our economic recovery”.
What did the research find?
Building better connections Have to Be a priority

Our newly published investigation of the Australian Research Council Linkage scheme discovered these productive relationships don’t occur organically. The side must operate to guarantee industry professionals fully contribute their experience.

Updated: March 26, 2021 — 3:30 pm

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